hi there, new member from Austria

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hi there, new member from Austria

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hello everybody,
I'm new to this site which i've found through some members in club323f.com. I've heard long ago that the 323F would be a favoured tuning car up there, little later i found jeroentje.nl and was very excited of the offers for the 323F.

My lady is a 1.5 LXi, nothing special in principal but for me already more than only a car.

I think the for sale section will be very interesting for me as i'm in need of some parts which are easier to get here (LHD).

But for now i'd like to say hello and regards from Austria :)

Nina x
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Re: hi there, new member from Austria

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Hello Nina, welcome!

An 323F cup? Sweet, i join!
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Veel onderdelen -> http://www.323fclub.nl/site/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=36549
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Re: hi there, new member from Austria

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Hello there, people seem to find this club from all over the world it seems.
Hope you will find things you need/want and the F will be even nicer then the original already is.
"If it doesn't kill you, it makes you stronger!"
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